Our Cars

Some of the many cars we've owned, and one I built....!


Not sure what came over me here - It had TV screen's in the back - I think that's what sold it to me...

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Okay, everyone know's its basically a Mondeo in drag, although its not as good. (I've had both so I am qualified to say!)

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Kit Car

A Tiger Supercat XL built with my own fair hands. Engine was a 2.0 zetec on twin 40 weber's with an Alpha engine management system. Visit the link at the bottom of each page to see the full build diary.

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It's usually broken down, or in a petrol station... But when it works it's 4.0L and 420bhp of awesome!

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Mercedes SL

It's big but it's not clever... It is however very comfy and likes a drink.

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Some say its the poor man's Porsche - I say they've clearly never driven one...

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How I miss this car......

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